Kids Spell Love T-I-M-E

2 Mar

You can't put a price on time with your kids!

Time Savers!!

Need some tips on how to save TIME? Time is Money when raising kids and if I can help one person by sharing something I use to save time and in return that person has more time with their kids, then creating this blog was a success!!!

Should I start a blog?

I have debated about creating a blog, but with 3 kids of my own and was recently given temporary custody of 2 more children, I have learned some ways to save time.

Every Minute Counts

Seeing children who have been abused and neglected, it has made me realize how important every minute is with our kids!! Too much time is spent on things that we do everyday when in fact, there are so many simple ways we can saves time so that our kids see less chaos and more of what is important….. US!!! Our kids need us in their life! They need us to spend less time on other things and more time with them!!!

Can You Have Too Many Time Saver Tips?

I have lots of Time Savers to share and will be adding MANY more weekly. Everything I share are from my personal experiences and we can NEVER have enough, so if you have a blog or a Time Saver Tip, please feel free to SHARE!! I have 5 kids in my house so I am always looking for more ideas so save time!!

Time Saver Tips

Morning Craziness: How to Make Your Mornings Less Chaotic with Kids

Crock Pot Recipes: A Year of Slow Cooking (


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