About Me

Why Did I Create this Blog?

imageThis blog was created to share some of the things I use to save money and time and for others to share tips of there own so that moms out there like me have a resource to go to when needing tips on saving time and money. Who couldn’t use some tips on saving money and time!

Time is Money!

Time is Money when raising kids. If I can help one person save time and/or money, and in return that person has more time with there kids or uses one tip to save money, then creating this blog was a success!!

To Blog or Not to Blog?

I have debated about creating a blog but after some changes in my household, I decided that now was the time to share! I have 3 girls of my own and was recently given temporary custody of 2 more children who were taken from their mom and dad until they can get the help they need. With 5 kids, I have learned some ways to save time and money along with ways to organize on a budget! If you have any tips on saving money and time, please share!!!

Every Minute Counts

Kids spell love time

Now that I have seen, first hand, children who have been abused and neglected, it has made me realize how important every minute is with our kids. And Money? Who isn’t stressed when it comes to money. Too much time is spent on things that we do everyday when in fact, there are so many simple ways we can save time and money so that our kids see less chaos and more of what is important….. US!!! Our kids need us in their life! They need us to spend less time on other things and more time with them!!!

Share the Wealth

I am sharing money and time saver tips that work for me. Please feel free to share tips that you use because the more tips we have, the more families we can help!


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