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Have you Heard of the Money Saver Store No More Rack?

17 Feb

Nomorerack logo

Great Prices

I don’t know how I found this online store, but it is a GREAT place to find awesome deals, so I thought I would share…..

I have ordered a couple of things and looking forward to order more! You can buy anything from electronics, accessories for android and IPhone, sheets, bedding, organizers, clothing for men and women, toys, much MoRE!! ALL AT HUGE DISCOUNTED PRICES!!

My Experience

Just to give you an idea of the store, I bought these earrings and necklace and was super happy with the quality!!

Nomorerack earrings

Do you want to know the best part?

They were only $5.00, original price was $199!!! I was wanting a pair of diamond earrings, not the real thing, to wear everyday. I have to be careful with my earrings because I have sensitive ears and they get infected if I wear jewelry that does not have sterling silver or real gold post. Being a stay at home mom, I do not change out my earrings very often so I wanted a pair that I could leave in and even sleep in without my ears getting infected! These were perfect!! I keep them in all day and sleep in them and you can’t beat the price. I haven’t worn the necklace yet, but next time I get dressed up, the necklace dresses up the earrings to wear for a special night out!

Here is something else that I am interested in from Nomorerack, just to give you an idea of the discounts!

Nomorerack sunglasses

Your Experience?

Have you bought from nomorerack? I would love to hear from people who have or are going to try it out after this post! Any negative experiences?  Although my experience was great, I would like to know if anybody has had a bad experience with nomorerack!

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