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Do you Use Text Message Coupons?

31 Mar

Text CouponsWhy Text Coupons vs. Email Coupons?

I get so many emails on different promotions and discount codes but rarely have the time to look through them all, so I end up missing the great deals. However, if I get a text message with a simple code to give at the store or online, I use them much more frequently! They do not bombard you with text messages. It’s a simple text stating the promotion that they are offering to subscribers and its usually around 5 a month.


Perfect example: Around Easter, I am super busy and have not been able to check my email, but I ALWAYS have my phone. I was out shopping for my girls’ Easter dresses and shoes and remembered that yesterday I had gotten texts from Bealls and Payless Shoes. (Well also other stores, but living in a small town and doing shopping the night before Easter, I was limited to just a few places.) Most stores are having lots of sales already, so at checkout, I got the sale prices and also got an extra 25% off after giving them the discount code at checkout! If I had not subscribed to get text message coupons, then I would of missed out on my extra savings!


It is so simple to subscribe. Send a simple one word text to the number I have provided for you, and then you are ready to receive your discounts! After signing up, it states how many text messages you will receive in a month. I have also included a few where you have to enter your cell phone number on the website, and then they send a text confirming. Text message rates apply so if you have an unlimited usage plan on your cell phone, then coupons via text is perfect for you!


Easy to STOP

If you get text coupons that you don’t use,  just text a single word and all text messages will stop!!! When signing up, and with every promotion they send, it gives specific directions on how to unsubscribe.

Saving Via Text

Here are the ones I currently subscribe to:

Bealls: 38228 text WIN and you will get coupons via text plus entered into $100 shopping spree

JcPenny: 527365 text HELP and then it will give instructions on signing up via text.

Best Buy: 332211 text DEALS

Kohl’s: 56457 text SAVE

Office Depot: 33768 text JOIN

Old Navy: 653689 text DEALS

Pink Victoria Secret: 877465 text NATION, it will then give you the link to enter your cell number and then they will automatically send you a text back confirming your enrollment.

Target: 827438 text COUPONS

American Eagle: 32453 text JOIN

Michael’s: 273283 text JOIN2

Redbox: 727272 text SIGNUP

JoAnn’s: 56266 text BEADS

Kirklands: 572837 text KSAVES

Famous Footwear: 326687 text HELP

Payless: 747474 text PAYLESS (20% off sign up coupon)

Arby’s: 27297 text CLUB

Dollar General: 34898 text JOIN

Macy’s: 62297 text JOIN

Gymboree: 38109 text GYMBOREE

****Please note that if you do not have an unlimited text plan, then text rates do apply.****

If you have others that are not on here, please feel free to share!!

Have questions? Feel free to ask!


Teaching Your Kids About Time: Alarm Clocks and Clock Crafts

20 Mar

imageKids Need and Want Responsibility

No matter how old or young your kids are, they need and want responsibility! The best thing I ever got for my 4 and 7 year old was their own alarm. I never dreamed that having an alarm in my girls’ room would make mornings so much easier!

My 7 year old sets her own alarm and with my 4 year old, we do it together. Since they were given the responsibility to wake up to the alarm, THEY DO!!! In fact, most mornings, they are ready to go before I get out of bed. Note: I lay my girls clothes out the night before!

Who would of thought an alarm would make my life easier?

Quick Learning Lesson on Timeimage

Setting an alarm is the perfect chance to teach and/or reinforce a lesson on time. Being a certified teacher and a stay at home, I take every oppurtunity to teach a lesson. Kids learn better by connecting their learning with everyday experiences. When setting the alarms, I get out the regular standard clock (I use the Big Time Learning Clock) and compare the current and wake up time using the standard and digital clock. We discuss the hour and minute hand comparing it to the digital clock. Kid connection: Have your kids create their own clock using paper plates. (See the craft clock picture and directions on how to make these clocks in the next section, Money Saver Clock Craft).

imageMoney Saver Clock Craft

Wen reviewing and/or teaching time with your kids, having a clock that they made, motivates and enhances their understanding of time. The more hands on activities your kids do with time, the more your kids will understand the concept of time! I use the Big Time learning clock, my kids use the clock that they made and seeing the excitement on their faces, with their clock in hand ready to learn, is priceless! Kids are motivated to learn when they take part in the learning experience!

Get details on how to make this clock by visiting Learning Ideas Grades K-8, 5-Minute Interval Paper Plate Clock. She has some great ideas on making clocks using paper plates that keeps kids motivated and WANTING to learn, like the Baseball Clock, Easter Clock, and one of my kids favorites… Telling Time with Manipulatives!

Need other tips on making your mornings easier? See my article:

Morning Craziness: How to Make Your Morning Less Chaotic with Kids


Teaching Kids with Play Dough (

Huggies Rewards: Are Generic Diapers Really Saving You Money?

17 Mar

imageRaising a family is one of the biggest joys in my life! We all know that having kids also means lots of added expenses, so I am constantly looking for ways to pinch a penny. Is generic diapers really saving you money? Would you like to be rewarded for the baby products you buy?

Generic VERSUS Name Brand Diapers

After having my third child, I Generic vs brand diapershave finally learned what works best when it comes to purchasing diapers. If I had known back when my first child was born what I know now, I would have made different choices that would of made things so much easier!

Generic Diapers: More diaper changes

When using the generic diapers, I found myself having to change my daughter more often during the day because they are not as absorbent. Changing her more often is not a big deal, I was just using more of the generic diapers. So when I thought I was saving, in reality I was spending about the same.

Generic: Night Time Diaper Changes

Once I put my daughter to sleep, I want her to sleep as long as possible. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, the last thing I want to do is change a wet diaper. Not because I don’t want to take time to do it, but because it wakes her up more, making it more difficult to get her back to sleep.

In my experience, generic diapers always leak in the middle of the night, which leads to frequent night time diaper changes. So I was buying Huggies diapers to use at night and generic diapers during the day. Was I really saving money by using the generic? Since I was having to buy two different brands of diapers, I was actually spending about the same amount had I just bought all Huggies diapers.

HuggiesName Brand Diapers

Everybody has a preference when it comes to diapers whether its the texture, how it fits, or how it looks. All the name brands that I have used all work well and are about the same price. So it all comes down to the name brand name you decide to purchase. For me it was Huggies!

Why Huggies?

If all the name brand diapers work well and about the same price, why not choose the one that offers rewards and get rewarded on things you already buy?

Huggies Family Rewardsimage

This is a program where you get rewarded on the products you buy! When you purchase a Huggies product that has the Family Rewards Symbol, there is a sticker inside with a number on it. After signing up on the Huggies website, you enter the number on the sticker and you get points added to your account. Once you have accumulated points, you can redeem your points for rewards! I am personally trying to save my points for a $50 amazon credit, Fitness magazine, and the musical instruments for my daughter.

Time Saver Tip

I keep a basket on the counter. This is where I put all my codes for rewards and when I have accumulated 5-10, then I enter codes at one time. I participate in several award programs, so this saves TIME!!

Morning Craziness: How to Make your Morning Less Chaotic with Kids

18 Feb

Morning Craziness: How to Make your Morning Less Chaotic with Kids

Do you struggle getting your kids ready for school and out the door in the morning?

This is a constant struggle for me!! I have 3 girls that I have to get dressed, feed them breakfast, fix their hair, and make sure their teeth are brushed. Sounds easy enough right? Well you add a crying baby who needs me right away and 2 of my girls are arguing about something, it makes for a tough morning!!!

No matter how early we get up, we always struggle to get out of the door in time for school! I had to make my mornings easier somehow!! After trial and error, I came up with a list of things I do to make our mornings easier!

Want a morning with less chaos?

Start the Night Before

Lay clothes out: This includes accessories, shoes, and socks

Be sure you lay clothes in the same spot every night so that your kids look in the same spot every morning to get dressed. This helps to establish a routine. My girls wear hairbows so I clip a matching bow on their outfit and lay their shoes by their clothes. If your kids pick out their own clothes, make that part of their Nighttime routine.

Make sure all folders are signed and that bags are ready for school

Before my girls go to bed, it is THEIR responsibility to make sure their folders are signed and bag is ready to go and placed by the door. That way, on the way out the door, THEY remember to grab their bag! If your kids are younger, you will have to make sure folder is signed and bag is ready to go by the door.

If taking a lunch, have it ready the night before

My 7 year old makes her own lunch, so if she wants to take her lunch to school, she makes her own lunch and gets it ready. This is part of her nighttime routine. If you have younger children, it will have to be your responsibility to make the lunch the night before. I promise, by taking the time the night before to make lunches, it makes your mornings SOOO much easier!! I usually put a sticky note on the door for my daughter so she remembers to grab her lunch ON HER OWN. Or for younger children, it’s a good way for US to remember!! Too many times we were on our way to school and realize that the lunch is at home in the refrigerator, so I have to turn around and go back home to get her lunch, which leads to more frustration!!

Put a Sticky Note on the Door

I put a sticky note on the door to remind my daughter to grab her lunch! It’s also a great reminder for US…… This sticky note has saved us many trips back home to get the lunch that is still in the refrigerator!

Now time to tackle the morning

Turn on their light 15-30 minutes BEFORE they HAVE to start getting ready

When I wake up in the morning, first thing I do is turn the light on in the girls room. This gives them about 15-30 minutes to wake up on their own and allows me to get ready. During this time, I turn on my girls favorite music to get them stirring! When I rush my kids in the morning, this makes them even more grumpy. I’ve learned that if they wake up on their own, they are not quite as grumpy!

Have a morning routine in place for your kids

Wake up, get dressed (clothes are ready and laid out the night before), brush teeth, fix hair, eat breakfast and out the door!!

Kids get dressed and ready

You have laid out their clothes, so first thing they should do is get dressed with shoes and socks. Once dressed, time to brush their teeth. Once teeth are brushes and before breakfast, go ahead and fix their hair. That way they are ready to go before they eat breakfast!

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it all

This is a rule at my house. If arguing and drama is going to happen, it is at this time when they are getting dressed and ready. I have made it a rule that if they do not have something nice to say, they are not to say anything at all!! I got tired of playing referee in the morning and this rule has helped our mornings go smoother!!


Have Healthy Breakfast options, they can fix themselves

Rule at my house for my 4 and 7 year old…. You can have anything for breakfast that you can fix yourself. They have to be completely ready for school so that they have time to make breakfast. Cereal, waffles, pancakes, or already cooked sausage they can warm up are some things I have. They know how to use the toaster and microwave which makes my life easier. While the older kids are eating is my chance to feed my 1 year old.

If they don’t get ready in a timely manner, then they have to grab and go

If they didn’t get ready fast enough, I don’t give them an option to fix breakfast. They have to grab something to eat in the car like a cereal bar, pop tart, fruit, etc…. This makes them want to hurry up and get ready so they can have the breakfast they want!

Set a Time or have a timer

I like to set a timer for my girls. This gets them motivated to get ready faster! If you have older children, you can give them a time that they HAVE to be ready to walk out the door! Make this a necessity, NOT AN OPTION! They HAVE to be ready when the timer goes off or at the time you have them!

Out the door

Bags are already by the door, the sticky note is a reminder to grab the lunch, so when you walk out the door, there will be no more frustration of having to turn around because of something forgotten!!

Note: Because my girls are old enough to get themselves ready, this gives me time to get my 1 year old ready. If you are getting all your kids dressed, be sure you wake up before your kids to get yourself ready so you can have the time when the kids are up, to get them dressed and ready! You can still get everything ready the night before, which helps for an easier morning!!!

Do you have any tips to share that will help me and other moms have a less chaotic morning? Please feel free to share!

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