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Does the Scale Really Show True Fat Weight Loss?

28 Apr

Along with tracking my eating on my Fitness Pal and exercising, it was depressing  that I was not seeing the results on the scale! In 6 weeks, I had only lost a couple of pounds.

I previously wrote a post about My Fitness Pal, which expains how this App has helped me, but forgot to mention the other App that I use along with it.

Only 2 Pounds?

Even though I hate seeing pictures of myself, especially being overweight, I took a picture of myself before I started working out and took my measurements. I mentioned earlier that in 6 weeks, I had only lost 2 pounds. I was upset about only losing a couple of pounds because I had been working out 3 times a week doing boot camp and was eating healthy. How could I have only lost 2 pounds? I found the perfect App that put things in perspective for me!



BodyShot IS my motivation. I used that first picture I took, the one I didnt even want to look at, then took another one after the 6 weeks. I saw weight loss in the pictures and realized at that time, not to go by the scale when assessing weight loss. Muscle weighs more than fat and my body was changing, but the scale did not show it!!

BodyShot shows your pictures before and after by displaying them side by side which I love!! See how the pictures are displayed here. Enter your measurements and it calculates your BMI and actual fat weight loss. I was seeing results each 6 weeks and was more motivated than ever to keep losing!

imageThat 2 pounds I lost on the scale, was actually 8 pounds of fat that was gone! Looking at the first picture, compared to the pictures now 1 year later, it inspires me to keep going! Weight loss does not happen overnight. It is a lifestyle change of eating habits, exercising, and motivation!

My Fitness Pal and BodyShot are 2 Apps that are my motivation and I will continue using them until I reach my goal!

My Fitness Pal is FREE. BodyShot is $2.99, but in my opinion, worth every cent!! I tried MANY similar Apps, but wasted my time and money! If yoku are like me and get frustrated because of not seeing the results on the scale, or you just need that extra motivation, then BodyShot is worth the $2.99. Even if you are already on your weight loss journey, it’s not too late to start. Take your first picture today and it will help keep you on track and keep you motivated!

See My Fitness Pal in more detail in a previous post, Are You Up For the Challenge?

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