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Zoodles: A Kid Friendly Browser Your Kids Will LOVE!

16 Apr

imageZoodles is my absolute favorite online educational activity for my kids!! As a former teacher, currently a stay at home mom, I would highly recommend Zoodles for your kids either at home or in the classroom. The best part of it, its FREE!! Here is where you can sign up for Zoodles!

Differences in Free Zoodles Vs Premier

Although it is completlely free, you do have the option to upgrade to a premier membership which allows you to have more control over the subjects that are displayed for your children. You can adapt the games and activities according to your children’s needs. For instance, if you would rather your kids work on reading skills, you adjust the seetings where reading activities and games are displayed for the child. There are additional features to the premier membership such as ad blocking along with other added features. The price is $7.95 a month or its cheaper if you buy bundle months.

My kids have been using Zoodles for  about 2 years now (free Zoodles) and although I havent upgraded to the premier membership yet, I plan to this summer when my kids are out of school. The first 14 days, your kids will get all the benefits of the premier membership for free and after the free trial is over, you will NOT have to purchase anything but will not get the additional features. Here it shows all the features of both the free and premier memberships.

There are so many great things in Zoodles without the premier membership. Everything discusses below is for BOTH the Free and Premier memberships!

Age Appropriate Activities by Educational Experts

All games and activities on the Zoodles browser have been approved by a team of educational experts so its safe to say that your child will have access to age appropriate acitivities that are best suited for your child! For instance, when my 7 and 4 year old sign in to Zoodles, there games are totally different because they are geared toward there ages and skill level.

Kid Friendly

Your children play Zoodles on a kid friendly browser which takes away all the navigation and URL bars. This allows your children to play independently without the worry of your child clicking on content other than learning activities. Each game or activity is played by clicking on a picture so when they click, they know what they are going to play.

Games and Activities


All games and activities target different areas of learning: Cognitive Development, Creative Development, Life Skills, Reading, Science and Social Studies. There are 1000’s of games which always change so your child never gets bored!! Take a look at some of the games they offer!



In addition to games and activities, there are lots of learning based videos for your children to watch. They are all educational and are geared to children’s interest. Dinosaurs, counting and Abc’s are just a few examples. (Tip: Free memberships, allow you to record only 1 book, so in the 14 days of free premier membership, I would record as many books as you can to have once the 14 day free premier membership expires)

Video Books

imageOnline kid friendly stories with pictures is a great way to establish the love of reading!!! This is my favorite part of Zoodles because it allows you to either just record your voice reading the story, a video with mom or dad reading the story, or video yourself and your child reading the story together, which is what I did. And believe me, if I can do it, it’s easy to do and you don’t have to be advanced in technology!! My girls listen to the stories constantly because they see mom and/or dad reading the story to them! What a perfect way to establish the LOVE of READING!!

Art Studioimage

Your children can draw, print and email the pictures they create! This is just another great tool for your children to enjoy! Kids love seeing the finished product after printing, emailing, or just calling you over to see their masterpiece!!

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Last Minute Easter Ideas, Activities, and Crafts

28 Mar


Easter Day is a a fun day for the family, but with any big day celebration, comes planning! Here are some tips to make the big day easier!! Only 2 more days!!!


PotluckInstead of cooking everything yourself, split the duties up and have everybody bring something to share. This will cut down time in the kitchen so you have more time for everything else!

Hotdogs and Hamburgers?

Easter does not have to be the traditional gourmet Hotdogs and Hamburgersdinner. If potluck doesn’t work for you, take the cooking outside and do hotdogs and hamburgers! Easter is about celebrating with the family, so make it easier on you, the kids will probably like dinner better!

Easter Activities


Make your kid”s day by painting their faces. It can be as fancy or as simple as you want it. I’m not an artist, so I will be painting Easter eggs on their faces.

Bunny Hop

Use burlap sacks or pillow cases and have the kids doEaster activities a sack race. You can give out small prizes to the winners!

Egg Race

Used boiled eggs to have kids do a spoon race. Balance the egg on their spoon, have a start and finish line, and whoever we makes it to the finish line first, wins the egg race. You can have small prizes for the winner!


Have the tables set up for each craft. Pick just one or several depending on the number of kids.

Bunny Mask…… This is a super cute fast and easy craft that your kids will love from Kaboose.com.

Bunny Ears….. Another great craft! I’ve included 4 different ones that way you can pick the one that works best for your family. Kids can wear them during the party and it makes for some great pictures! Click on each link to get directions on how to make them and/or print the patterns out.

All of them are super cute and so I am having a hard time deciding which one I am going to use for my girls! All print outs are FREE!

Bunny Ears from Kaboose…… Made out of poster/construction paper.

Bunny Ears from Kaden’s Corner.….. Pattern to print out.

Bunny Ears from Claudine Hellmuth…… Pattern to print out.

Bunny Ears from HGTV.…. This one has a pattern to print out and you attach to a thin headband.

imagePersonalized Bunny…. My daughter made this at school and I thought it was adorable!!! It is made with a small paper plate, pipe cleaners for whiskers, ears are cut out of construction paper.

Here are some other Easter activities, crafts and Easter recipes treat recipes that you might be interested in!

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