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Capri Sun Money Savers and Crafts

24 Feb

What Can you do with Capri Sun Pouches?


Use Capri Sun to Keep Lunches Cold

Freeze your Capri Sun, and it makes the perfect Ice Pack!!! By the time lunch comes around, the Capri Sun is nice and cold and ready to drink! No more busted ice packs or packing a lunch and realizing you forgot to put the ice pack in the freezer! When you buy your Capri Suns just stick in the freezer, so when it’s time to pack a lunch, just grab a Capri Sun from the freezer and you got your ice pack and drink all in one!!!

Save the Capri Sun Pouches for Arts and Crafts


Use the Capri Sun pouches to make lunch boxes, pencil pouches or just be creative and see what your kids can come up with!!! My girls like to cut out different shapes and glue on construction paper for a shiny works of art.

Step by Step Directions for Capri Sun Pouches Crafts

(These step by step instructions were compliments of ThriftyFun.com and Craftster.org)

Capri Sun Purse

Capri Sun Lunchbox, Wallet, Checkbook Cover, Purse

Wallet, Gift Bags, Totes

Money back from IbottaIbotta

Right now Ibotta has the Kool-Aide Jammer Capri Sun on their product list. For those of you who are familiar with Ibotta, you know that they frequently have offers on Capri Sun products. If you are not familiar with Ibotta, it is an APP where you save money on groceries you already buy. For more information on Ibotta, see my previous post, Ibotta: Save Money on Groceries you Already Buy.

Earn cash for your schools

Save all your Capri Sun pouches to earn money for your school or any other organization. It’s as program called the Pouch Brigade and its a great way to teach your kids the importance of recycling. Click on the title of this section for more information!

Do you have a craft idea for Capri Sun? Or Maybe a coupon? Please feel free to comment!

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