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Want to Start Saving For a Vacation This Summer?

4 Apr

A Simple Tip That WORKS!


Summer is going to be here before you know it! There are lots of ways to save but today, I’m going to share with you how we save for our summer vacation spending money. It’s simple and it WORKS! How do I know? Because I got $400 worth of change in just a couple months. The longer you do it, the less you have to get from the bank before your vacation! Keep reading for details!

When you purchase something using cash, use bills and not change!

I know this sounds opposite of what we usually do, but all the extra change will go toward your summer vacation! Even if a soda cost you $1.03, pay with $2.00 instead of $1 and 3 pennies. This will give you .97 cents to put in your jar. All the change adds up quickly. In just a couple of months doing this, my husband and I had accumulated almost $400. This is a picture of me cashing in our change that we used for spending money:-))


$1 spent Periodically Versus a $500 Withdrawal From the Bank

You might feel like your wasting a dollar but $1.00 missing here and there is much better than forking out $500-$1000 out of your bank account for spending money! Think about how many times you purchase little things using cash and use the change in your car, pocket or wallet so that way you get only bills back. Now think about how much change you will have if you never get into your your change stash. Yes it seems like you saved a little by using your stash of change, all of that change adds up if you never use it to get bills back. It’s a simple yet effective way to save for spending money!

Want to Save Even More?

This is more of a sacrifice but it will help you save even more for your summer trip. When using a higher bill, like a $5,$10, $20, or $100 bill, place the the $1 bills in the jar along with the change. This option is good for people who want to save even more for their trip.

Happy Savings!!


Ibotta: Save Money on Groceries you Already Buy

10 Feb


How can IBOTTA help you?

Being a mom of 3, I am always looking for the best deals! I am so excited about some of the ways that I have found to save, that I decided to start a blog on things that I have TRIED, that save you money! The first thing I am going to share is an APP that I absolutely LOVE and it is FREE!!!!


I downloaded this App a couple of weeks ago and have already accumulated over $30!! Who wouldn’t want FREE money!!!! You earn money just by buying the stuff you already use!! Share with your friends and family and get $1 for everyone who signs up!

You will want to share once you use this APP because it really is easy to use and most of the products are ones you would use anyway! So why not get money back for those items!!!

If you haven’t heard about IBOTTA, TRY it and you will probably be like me and want to share it with all your friends and family!!! It is SUPER easy to use!!! After you go grocery shopping all you do is take a picture of your receipt and use the APP to select what you bought, and VIOLA! The money is in your account!!!

You can download the FREE app here!

Keep checking back with my post! I will be adding a post on saving even more by combining your Ibotta savings with current coupons!!

Please feel free to comment on any questions about this app!!!

I would LOVE to see comments from people who are alreading using Ibotta!

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